Jetlevel - Independent Aircraft Solutions

We offer you commercial and technical support solutions bearing in mind the international legal, fiscal and customs law environment with respect to all aircraft related topics - independent, transparent and tailored to your individual needs.

Kärntner Ring 12/2b, 1010 Vienna, Austria, Europe
Phone: +43 720 347063

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  • A new level of your business

    A new level of your business

    We provide solutions where others only consult

  • Jet to the next level

    Jet to the next level

    We support you with exactly that piece of experience you need in the respective stage of the lifecycle of your aircraft.

  • Guiding you through

    Guiding you through

    In the air there are no roadblocks, but turbulences – we guide you around and keep your business in stable conditions

Business Jet Acquisitions


You are thinking about of buying a business jet? We are prepared to arrange all necessary steps in order to facilitate the acquisition of your private jet.

Business Jet Valuations


A simple to understand tool for evaluating an aircraft’s maintenance condition in order to optimize the asset’s financial performance. Manage your aircraft investment as a financial instrument.