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Asset Insight Index


The Asset Insight Index translates complex technical data in actionable financial information. The Index is comprised of the following 3 components:

Utilizes the Asset Grading System Standard (Patent Pending) to evaluate and grade an aircraft’s technical condition relative to its logical maintenance variables. The ATC Score is based on a scale ranging from -5.000 to 10.000, the latter reflecting a newly-certified aircraft.

Evaluates the aircraft’s financial rating relative to its optimal technical condition based on the aircraft’s current maintenance condition (the ATC Score described above). The ATFC Score is based on a scale from 0.000 to 10.000, the latter reflecting a newly-certified aircraft.

Measures the aircraft’s financial exposure based on its maintenance condition, and represents the total accrued liability toward future maintenance events. The ATFE Value measures the dollar exposure associated with the aircraft’s current ATFC Score, and ranges from $0 (for a new aircraft with zero time used toward any Scheduled Maintenance Event) to the estimated cost required to complete one full cycle of Scheduled Maintenance Events for that make/model/type aircraft.

Jetlevel GmbH represents Asset Insight, Inc. in Europe. Please contact us for more information, a presentation or a quotation.
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