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We offer you commercial and technical support solutions bearing in mind the international legal, fiscal and customs law environment with respect to all aircraft related topics - independent, transparent and tailored to your individual needs.

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One stop acquisition


We are prepared to arrange all necessary steps in order to facilitate the acquisition of your private jet and getting it to a successful service. Whether it is only one aspect or the complete management of such a project.

Why should you choose us?

We provide a transparent basis for your decision, which is completely independent from a manufacturer or service provider in order to meet your individual needs best.


One of the most important phases is the analysis of your specific needs. We identify them together with you, which include frequent city pairs, preferred travel amenities, special destinations, number of passengers, and many more factors.

Further it is important to work on specific parameters like the preferred type of aircraft, maximum year of production, cabin size, desired country of registration and more relating to your budget.

Based on the analysis of parameters we identify suitable aircraft type and models. In case of a new aircraft we will identify the applicable segment and prepare a summary with real and comparable parameters.

In case of in-service aircraft we will search on the worldwide market and in our network of off market aircraft. You will be presented a short list of the most appropriate aircraft including a comparison and the market price levels.

Following the evaluation we will identify the shortlisted aircraft together with you.  The most appropriate aircraft will be technically audited and an appraisal will be made.

Based on the gained information either negotiate or provide you with a price and terms negotiation strategy. Upon or prior final decision we organize a viewing, test flight and pre buy inspection by highest qualified personnel to ensure the best aircraft to be chosen.


Notwithstanding we draft the operational business plan including charter and cost plan for your new or in-service aircraft.

Selecting the specifications of a new aircraft is a pleasant task, but operational demands need to be considered too. We help you to ensure a smooth integration.   .

After identifying the aircraft we support you in legal, technical and commercial matters. If financing is required we propose the right partners out of our network for an adequate and prompt transaction. Importing the aircraft, setting up a legal structure and handling the tax optimized process are further topics we are able to provide.

Before the first flight we consult you on proposals for the suppliers like aircraft management companies, support programs and other services necessary.

While you are flying and enjoying the aircraft we take care of the management of the various suppliers, advice on questions brought to you from the management company, audit the aircraft on a regularly basis and provide controlling of the operation of the aircraft.