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Experience seamless private air travel with our top-notch private jet services. From acquiring the perfect aircraft to comfortable flights, we've got you covered.

Jetlevel takes care of all the background tasks, allowing you to focus on your main mission: enjoying private jet travel with your loved ones or handling your business trips effortlessly.


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With over 20 years of experience, our team of specialists in business and private aviation is here to serve as your aviation family office. We are independent from any supplier, providing dedicated support for your aviation needs. Whether it's for individual projects or ongoing management, trust us to be your dependable partner in the aviation industry.

Our professional services encompass aircraft acquisition, worry-free sales, and ongoing ownership support. We handle commercial, technical, and operational queries, provide third-party charter services, all tailored to meet your specific needs. Trust us for comprehensive aviation solutions.

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In the past decade,

we completed

*exciting projects* 

& provided continuous

support to principals.

Look through some high-end projects we’ve completed over the past decade like managing a very detailed refurbishment, the ongoing support as owner representative and aviation family office for the management of the aircraft or looking for the right upgrade in case needed.

Assisting from the start

Taking delivery of a new aircraft, supervising the fast implementation onto an AOC and providing cost control.

Starting to choose the right aircraft for the missions we organized and managed the new aircraft delivery, supervised the implementation after contract negotiation onto a selected AOC and got the client ready to fly at a fast pace. During the operation we have been assisting him in cost control and advise on special requests for several years now.

Representing the owner's interest

Complete representation of the owner towards the operator including management, concierge, and cost control.

Once an aircraft has been purchased, our main task is to ensure it is always ready to fly. Acting on behalf of the owner, we interface with the operator to schedule and oversee flights, prepare decisions with regards to the operation, manage special flight requests, and perform costs control tasks.

Refurbishing to excellence

Customized exterior and interior refurbishment fulfill Owner’s vision

Following the successful acquisition of a Legacy 600 we were working together with excellent partners to provide the ultimate experience for the principal in crystal white and piano black with customized in-seat entertainment. Additionally, the exterior was completed in all white with high gloss finishing.

To see photos and learn more – visit our partner’s website: https://aerovisto.com/the-experience-of-ultimate-luxury/

Smooth sale of a Phenom 300E

Keyfactors: Price negotiation and seamless closing

Achieving the right price for the principal is one aspect. Equally important is ensuring a seamless, fast, and well-covered transaction. For the principal, we facilitated the sales presentations and contract negotiations resulting in the successful closing by involving and coordinating several parties. 


Partner of
the principal


As your aviation family office, we provide support and management by handling the interface between you and the operation.


Our goal is to find the right aircraft for your missions, whether they require a larger, faster, or more luxurious aircraft. We understand that your needs are unique, and we are committed to finding the aircraft that is the best fit for you.


Successful sales require professional marketing and careful coordination of the sales process. We will be there every step of the way to ensure that your sale is a success.


Whether you're looking to charter an aircraft before, during, or after final acquisition, we can help you find the perfect solution for your needs.